Dental Bridges in Calgary, Alberta

The loss of a tooth can be extremely problematic for a number of reasons. On the most superficial level, many patients find the aesthetic of a missing tooth leaves much to be desired. Luckily, our cosmetic dentist in Calgary can help correct that issue. That being said, a missing tooth is far from being a uniquely visual problem. A missing tooth often leads to the surrounding teeth migrating to fill in the gap. This can eventually disrupt your bite profile, or even change the shape of your face.


One common complaint that patients have about dentures is that they can easily slip or fall out while speaking, chewing, or even smiling. To address these issues, Shawnessy Dental Centre, your family dentist in Calgary, offers dental bridges. Dental bridges are an attractive and effective tooth replacement alternative to dentures. These dental restorations are given their name because they literally “bridge” the gaps between missing teeth by utilizing adjacent teeth for support.


Dental bridges are extremely durable, stable, and natural-looking. They can be fixed in place using a variety of methods, some of which can be accomplished completely non-surgically. The artificial tooth is matched to the unique shape and shade of the rest of your smile so it blends right in. Besides strengthening your bite and improving your smile, bridges stabilize the nearby areas so they won’t shift.


Bridges are semi-permanent, meaning that they can only be taken out by your dentist.


However, once placed, they can last for many years with proper care. To see if you're a candidate for dental bridges, contact Shawnessy Dental Centre in Calgary to set up a free consultation. Our office is open 6 days a week and we offer flexible scheduling for your convenience. If you’d prefer, you can also choose to request an appointment online through our website.

Dental Bridges in Calgary, AlbertaDental Bridges in Calgary, AB

Dental Bridges in CalgaryDental Bridges Calgary, Alberta

Last Updated On 2019-10-21