Athletic Mouth Guards in Calgary, Alberta

For patients with an active lifestyle, it's important to protect your teeth, cheeks and tongue from possible injury. Oral injuries are one of the most common types of injuries that patients suffer from. Whether you enjoy playing football, basketball, hockey, or wrestling, it's important to protect your mouth with a protective mouth guard. A mouth guard allows you to participate in your favorite sports and activities while knowing that your mouth is protected from possible injury. 


There are a variety of different types of mouth protectors available:


Stock mouth-guards - These can be found in most stores. There are extremely inexpensive and come pre-made and ready to wear. However, they don't fit very well and can be bulky which can make it difficult to breathe and speak properly.

Boil and bite mouth-guards - Boil and bite mouth guards can be found at sporting good stores and are a step up from stock mouth guards. These most guards are softened in hot water and then worn and adapted to the unique shape and structure of the wearer’s mouth. This makes them more comfortable to wear.

Custom-fitted mouth guards are custom made by your dentist. Compared to the other two types, custom-fitted mouth guards are more expensive. That being said, they’re custom fabricated from a mould of your teeth in a dental laboratory, and thus offer a better fit and protection. Because they are custom-made, they are well suited for athletes since their thickness varies on the type of sport that you play.


Shawnessy Dental Centre, you dentist in Calgary, can equip you with the best possible protection so that you can play your favourite sports without fear.


To learn all about our Custom-fitted mouth protectors, contact Shawnessy Dental Centre in Calgary to schedule an appointment. If you’d prefer, you can also request an appointment online.

Last Updated On 2019-10-21