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Sometimes dental emergencies happen, but Shawnessy Dental is here to help.

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing a dental emergency, please call Shawnessy Dental at (403) 254-4278. We’ll do our best to get you a same day, emergency appointment.

If something is stuck between your teeth, the first thing you should do is try to dislodge it using dental floss. Never poke between your teeth or at your gums with a toothpick, pin, or other sharp or pointed object. Sharp and pointy objects can damage your gums or scratch your enamel.

If you are unable to dislodge the object on your own safely, you should call Shawnessy Dental for an emergency appointment.

If you are experiencing a toothache, you should call our office and explain your symptoms so the dentist can better determine the cause of your pain and the best relief strategy.

Most toothaches can be eased using over the counter medication, but make sure you don’t place the pills directly on your sore tooth. An ice pack, wrapped in a clean cloth and held against your face where your sore tooth is, can also help relieve your symptoms.

Never apply heat to your face or jaw. Heat is more likely to cause more harm than good when it comes to toothaches. If your pain persists, contact Shawnessy Dental for further instructions.

Chipped and broken teeth can almost always be saved and repaired. Still, timing is crucial, so you should contact Shawnessy Dental right away for an emergency appointment. It’s imperative that you seek help right away so that the chip or break doesn’t have a chance to become worse.
Severe breaks may require a root canal to clear away any debris, bacteria, or damaged tissue, as well as a crown to protect the site and prevent future damage.

Losing a permanent, adult tooth is serious, but if you act quickly enough, your dentist may be able to save the tooth and reroot it.

If your tooth looks clean, you should gently place it back in its socket. However, if you can’t return your tooth to its socket, or you are concerned you may swallow it, you should place your tooth in a small container of cold milk and then call your dentist. The calcium in the milk can help preserve your tooth until your dentist can reroot it.

If your dentist can get the tooth back into its socket within 10 minutes of it falling out, it should be able to take root again on its own. However, each passing minute makes it less likely that your tooth can be salvaged. Teeth that have been out of their sockets for 2 or more hours are rarely salvageable.

Even if your tooth is unlikely to be saved, it’s still vital that you see your dentist as soon as possible. Your tooth’s socket will need to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned to avoid infection and other complications.

Lost fillings will need to be replaced, but you should take care to protect the filling’s site until you can visit the dentist. To do this, take a small piece of sugarless gum over the site and hold it in place with your teeth. The gum will protect the site for a short period of time, giving you a chance to get professional dental help.

If your tongue or lip is bleeding, you should take a clean cloth and use it to press down firmly on the site of the bleed to stem the blood flow. If your lip is swollen, placing an ice pack on the injured area will help reduce the swelling.

If you are bleeding profusely, or the bleeding doesn’t appear to be stopping, you should proceed to the nearest drop-in clinic or emergency room.

Whatever your dental emergency is, the first thing you should do is call our office at (403) 254-4278. Even a seemingly minor problem or injury could have serious consequences for your oral health. Dental problems that aren’t properly addressed may you leave you vulnerable to infection or the possibility of more serious health or dental issues later on.

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