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How to Floss With a Permanent Retainer

Floss pulled out of it's container and arranged to spell the word floss in cursive writing.

Your permanent retainer is an important part of keeping your teeth beautifully straight after all the time you spent wearing braces.  Flossing between the teeth closest to your retainer is essential for keeping your mouth healthy, but flossing around your lingual wire requires a slight change to how you flossed with braces. It might be […]

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How to Make Numbness from Dentist Go Away

A close up of a dental patient receiving localized freezing before a dental procedure.

Tips for Unfreezing Your Mouth Numbing or freezing is common with many dental procedures, from simple fillings to root canals. Avoiding the temporary discomfort can be a relief during a procedure, but numbness can be a nuisance after your appointment. Localized freezing can affect more than your tooth, spreading to surrounding tissue. It can be […]

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