Tooth Colored Bonded Fillings in Calgary, Alberta

Recent developments in dental technology have allowed us to restore problematic teeth without metal fillings. Shawnessy Dental Centre is happy to offer our patients tooth-coloured bonded fillings that can be used to restore teeth that are decayed, worn, or damaged. These attractive composite dental restorations are made from an extremely strong resin that strengthens and protects the tooth from further damage. The composite resin is also extremely natural looking since it is matched to the unique shade and shape of the tooth. 

Tooth-coloured bonded fillings cab be placed in a single appointment so you can have a healthier smile in no time. To learn how we can help improve your smile, contact our practice in Calgary to set up a free consultation. Because at Shawnessy Dental Centre, your smile is our priority.

Tooth Colored Bonded Fillings in CalgaryBonded Fillings in Calgary Alberta

Last Updated On 2019-08-25