Orthodontics & Orthopedics in Calgary, Alberta

For patients who are looking to achieve a healthy smile, Shawnessy Dental Centre in Calgary offers comprehensive orthodontic treatment for you and your entire family.

Orthopedics is the first step of orthodontic treatment which helps to correct problems such as teeth overcrowding and misalignment in children. In fact, successful orthopedic treatment can negate the need for orthodontics altogether. Orthopedics involves using short-term removal devices, such as retainers, to promote healthy development in the facial and jawbone areas for children. Orthopedics also helps to prevent some of the negative outcomes of several conditions such as allergies, enlarged tonsils, and mouth breathing.

If required, orthodontics may be needed which involves placing semi-permanent oral devices, like braces, onto the patient’s teeth to gradually shift them into place. Orthodontic treatment is usually completed over a time period that can last up to a few years depending on the patient's case. Contact us in Calgary to learn all about our orthodontic treatments.